Social Media Fast

Increased screen time is drastically effecting the population including children, adolescents and also adults. Children are being raised in a society in which it's acceptable to be transfixed on a mobile device that absorbs their attention and diminishes their inward senses and perception of reality. Rather than communicating with one another authentically we have become... Continue Reading →


Get growing

Grow Wild campaigns to get people growing wild flowers enhancing insect habitats and achieving natural harmony within England's green space. Since the 1930's we have lost 97% of wild flower meadows and they need restoring for the earth's benefit and for our pleasure. Connecting with nature is relaxing, revitalising and therapeutic if only for a... Continue Reading →

There’s more to life than being happy

I started another new job today. My week consisted of training to be a voluntary¬†anger management coach producing a highly uplifted sense of positivity in being around other caring, sensitive, inspirational people working together to help other human beings. The new job was only at a coffee shop -relaxed with friendly employees¬†but mid shift my... Continue Reading →

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