Memories of Freedom

I remember in the summertime Collecting fresh green herbs, Morn 'till night shone the sun Upon my eager eyes, Feasting on, oh devouring, Landscapes pleasing to my heart, Bella Italia, Bella Italia, Words were hushed, My lips sealed tight, I searched for love Amongst stars of night, Between vineyards twisting Waiting for a hand to... Continue Reading →


Itchy feet

It's been nine months since I landed in England but didn't really stop travelling and in ways still haven't now. For the first few months I stayed with my sister, then stayed at my father's, before finding a house to rent with a couple of friends and next month I move again to rent a... Continue Reading →

We are Alive

It is recently that I have comprehended and accepted both of my parent's inclusion or more realistically, lack of inclusion in my childhood. Memories and confusion flooded my mind when I was trapped within mental illness and nightmares of crippling words and abandonment re-played over and over. I had fallen victim to my abusive childhood... Continue Reading →

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