Contrasting Children

The light of the world
Quietly nestles between creases in my palm,
A darkness gathers in the corners
While the sun hides behind hills that rise early,
Prayers drift into cold air asking for children to be loved,
Understanding that’s the way it is,
Yet questioning black nails, dirty clothes and hunger,
Questioning why you see it all so clear
But can do nothing, can say nothing
To make it all ok, to take away the pain
That is hunger for care,
Like a chimp prised from its mother
Before it’s grown enough to stand alone
It’s forced to stand alone and that hurts me
Because I don’t like to see people alone,
Carrying a burden that feels like a hundred,
I’d rather they carry baskets on their heads
Filled with fruit or linen, or fundamentals for survival
Balanced with joy in their footsteps
And songs in their hearts that whistle on dry air,
Fly into red skies, soften hardened heels
While pitter patter pitter patter
Of small soles laugh in wide alleyways
At a pink t-shirt saying ‘Barbie’ that a boy wears,
Donated in his life when he had not a cloth to wear
But still he laughs, still he lets the music rise
Between sand and barefoot, to hip bone, to rib cage,
This life won’t cage him behind bars of depression
Killing the children of the western world
Who don’t feel the beat of the earth
Underneath steel wings of the preying gargoyles
Snatching imagination, freedom, connection,
Gratitude, human relationships, and peace of mind,
He was born in the crest of the heat,
Lived with nine and loved with nine,
Whistling-a-whistling, skipping along
Reaching for clouds as he touched the dirt,
Collecting stones worth more than gold
Tossed into the oceans fold
Where waves roll and tremble
Sculpting the stones into a new beginning,
A new shape, a new possibility, a new destiny.