Why I want to serve a Mission

Last April I was baptised. I was introduced to the church through meeting missionaries on the street. A month after my baptism I pondered on serving a mission myself; I deeply desired to change lives in the same miraculous way as all of those who had taught me. The missionaries taught me about the scriptures... Continue Reading →


Simple Pleasures My Mother Taught Me

My mother taught me that the best things in life are free. That you don't need money or material objects for happiness because it can be found in life's simple pleasures. Like bursting into dance, like swimming in the sea, like watching birds swoop and dive and build homes in cliff edges, like using our... Continue Reading →

How did I develop faith in the church?

My faith in the church has been built upon numerous small events and occurrences that I cannot deny participation of a Godly being. I had always believed that everything happened for a reason, at the right time, every single person I met had significance, and every single word spoken had meaning. I knew there was... Continue Reading →

Discovering a God as a Father

In my first lesson at church of Gospel Principles we were asked 'why are you at church today? What was the reason you got out of bed early on a Sunday morning and travelled to this chapel? Why are you here?' My response was that I had finally discovered what that burning sensation in my... Continue Reading →

A meeting with Missionaries

A couple of months ago I passed two Mormon missionaries in the street. As they allowed me to pass they greeted me and a conversation followed about the meaning of life, this eternal searching, journey for truth and the warm feeling we feel in our hearts. I gave them my phone number intrigued to investigate... Continue Reading →

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