Calm after Chaos

Well, a lot has happened. This year I moved to the West Midlands, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, started working again, got married, moved into an apartment with my hubby, changed work location then changed back, and applied to study again. The stress at times has been overwhelming. As I reflect now, quietly and comfortably from... Continue Reading →


Real beauty Is a love that shines Through eyes, through smiles Through countenance Welcoming in the world, Real beauty Is a love that has overcome Pain, destruction, turmoil Yet thrives to be radiant Amidst shadows of darkness, Real beauty Is found between pages of my life When there's nothing Else to give And nothing else... Continue Reading →


In mental health the smallest of obstacles may be enormous challenges to overcome with diligence, patience and perseverance. We are fully aware that an action, behaviour or thought is not entirely right but this is only the first step and even in this recognition we still fail to act. Months and years can pass by... Continue Reading →

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