Real Beauty





Real beauty

Is a love that shines

Through eyes, through smiles

Through countenance

Welcoming in the world,


Real beauty

Is a love that has overcome

Pain, destruction, turmoil

Yet thrives to be radiant

Amidst shadows of darkness,


Real beauty

Is found between pages of my life

When there’s nothing

Else to give

And nothing else to get,


Here we are

Giving and getting, giving and getting

Like the moonlight gives to the sea

And the sea gives to the moonlight.



In mental health the smallest of obstacles may be enormous challenges to overcome with diligence, patience and perseverance. We are fully aware that an action, behaviour or thought is not entirely right but this is only the first step and even in this recognition we still fail to act. Months and years can pass by reciting ‘I’m fine’ while inside every remnant of a person you once were is dilapidated in a mess around your feet. Achievements that appear so simply and naturally for others take time and pushing and pushing and urging and ongoing encouragement and trying and giving up and trying in a motion that never stops. A cycle we chase over-whelmed by horrors we had felt in our depths and sub-dued by fears that are of no substance except for in our betraying minds that had somehow left us to fend for ourselves. Our minds that once left us in darkness, ceased to connect with our hearts so we may move forward alongside humanity loving and breathing. Our mortal bodies were paused in a state of forgotten reason to survive controlled by fatigue, swimming words, endless questions, blank eyes, sweaty panic, incompetence, crippling memories and self-destruction. So even the need of letting a word leave lips induced stifling pain and chaos for one who has been under the spell of an anxiety disorder or social phobia.