Finding Love like Shells

There was a time when I washed my rusted copper red dress in the ocean
Using detergent made from aloe vera and lemon juice,
In the night time birds circled above crying mating calls
While I slept alone beneath fallen palm leaves.

No sound of rumbling traffic, thundering lorries, humming engines
Only waves, rolling waves as I listened to the stories the fire told me,
As I listened to the stories plucked guitar strings told me
As I listened to the stories that a hundred sparkling eyes told me.

Sounds caressed helix before meandering down delicate earlobes
Swimming like the spiralling fractal in a found seashell,
It was buried beneath hot, black, volcanic sand
Unearthed as I slowly skimmed toes into seabeds of rock-pools.

We hoped to discover love like we acquired shells
A rare chance meeting in awe of simple beauty,
Kept most precious forever from palm to palm
Reminding us of a still peace, a brightness, a truth.

Blinded by a gift of our sun’s perfect rays
Some danced together, sung together, prayed together,
Yes I was in love, with only the full moon
Who wrapped my spirit in a heavenly glow.


Memories of Freedom

I remember in the summertime
Collecting fresh green herbs,
Morn ’till night shone the sun
Upon my eager eyes,
Feasting on, oh devouring,
Landscapes pleasing to my heart,
Bella Italia, Bella Italia,

Words were hushed,
My lips sealed tight,
I searched for love
Amongst stars of night,
Between vineyards twisting
Waiting for a hand to clasp,
A palm grown strong
With creases that changed,
A life-line inventing and re-inventing
Like mountains I climbed up,
To reach the peak
And never come back down,
Because the wind loved me,
The sun loved me,
The breathing ground loved me,

Flames mesmerized my thoughts,
Before laying on a bed of fern leaves
Only between my body and
Cold, hard concrete,
I shivered and turned
Wearing a one euro jumper,
Whispering “I love to be free.”

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