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Increased screen time is drastically effecting the population including children, adolescents and also adults. Children are being raised in a society in which it's acceptable to be transfixed on a mobile device that absorbs their attention and diminishes their inward senses and perception of reality. Rather than communicating with one another authentically we have become... Continue Reading →


Improve Organ Function and Well-Being   Ancient literature going back 2,500 years depict images of exercises similar to Qigong postures but it's also considered to be over 6,000 years old. It's a strongly established method originating from China that uses a gentle combination of breathing, stretching and meditating for easing muscle tension, relieving stress, generating flexibility, cultivating... Continue Reading →

Keep Going and Fight Through

Just like after a physical trauma you might have to learn to walk again, with any kind of emotional trauma or mental illness you have to build yourself up again. I have worked for years to achieve emotional stability, confidence, a positive outlook on life, and inner happiness. Money will come and go, material desires... Continue Reading →


In mental health the smallest of obstacles may be enormous challenges to overcome with diligence, patience and perseverance. We are fully aware that an action, behaviour or thought is not entirely right but this is only the first step and even in this recognition we still fail to act. Months and years can pass by... Continue Reading →

Possibility of Bipolar Disorder

Returning to England after my short period of travel six months ago I was faced with re-adjusting to British culture and a society I had long forgotten. At the same time I have been in and out of recognizing, managing and also denying peculiarities in my mental health. It has come to light that a... Continue Reading →

We are Alive

It is recently that I have comprehended and accepted both of my parent's inclusion or more realistically, lack of inclusion in my childhood. Memories and confusion flooded my mind when I was trapped within mental illness and nightmares of crippling words and abandonment re-played over and over. I had fallen victim to my abusive childhood... Continue Reading →

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