Helping a friend is helping yourself

Last night my friend and I had arranged to do some vegan gluten-free baking and after a busy day I relaxed my body into the sofa and closed my eyes in satisfaction with the small tasks I had accomplished. As I scrolled down my Facebook newsfeed I came across a friend I had met only... Continue Reading →


Who are You?

We have to know what we are when we are nothing. When there are so many things we think we need, endless lists of feelings, objects, experiences, people, expecting we will be satisfied in our gains. Satisfaction does not come from these unattainable external influences that we can waste a life-time searching for, unconsciously attempting... Continue Reading →

What to do about bullies?

  In life people will manipulate you, mortify you, patronise you, disrespect you, and lie to you. What can we do? How are we to overcome the feelings that are initiated by these somewhat despicable human beings? In most cases I can sustain my inner peace. I am able to accept that nobody is perfect... Continue Reading →

Itchy feet

It's been nine months since I landed in England but didn't really stop travelling and in ways still haven't now. For the first few months I stayed with my sister, then stayed at my father's, before finding a house to rent with a couple of friends and next month I move again to rent a... Continue Reading →

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