Numbing our Spiritual Connection

The doctor prescribed me pain killers and I refused. I didn’t want a temporary solution to numb the pain. We have become a world in which the solution is to numb the pain. To cover the pain, mask the feelings of discomfort and carry on with busy lives because there is no time to be unwell or to experience suffering. There is demand for a quick fix. An immediate solution that will incur inner subtle transparent happiness or alleviation of aches and pains as a result of lifestyle choices that would take too much effort to change.

Hazardous substances are over-indulged in as if they are a necessity for survival without a second glance. Think paracetamol, ibuprofen, energy drinks, coca cola, fast food, sweets, antibiotics, caffeine, anti-depressants. They are all repressive, addictive, and covering up the truth, strangling us as pure and natural human beings who have regressed into disharmony and lost contact with clear, authentic, spiritually developing inner dimensions that expand our consciousness and connect us with our creator so we are able to fulfil our purpose.

Sharing Happiness

Sometimes all we truly need is a friend. In moments of sadness and despair, in times of trials and afflictions, when we feel as though life is crashing down upon our weary shoulders sometimes the one thing we need is a person to lift us back up. In this world we can be lonely and that is the greatest pain we may face. To feel mis-understood, hushed, isolated, and stood on the earth alone separated from all of society. We are not here to be alone. We are not here to be divided or miserable. Our purpose is in joining together as humanity and becoming a race of kindness, peace, consolidation and service to others.

So if there is a person you see who appears to be struggling, who you feel is sad, who you know is experiencing a personal challenge, reach out to them and offer a gesture of compassion. A listening ear, an embrace, an outing, words. In all scenarios in any place notice the human beings we are inhabiting this planet with and apply simple reactions to sow the seeds of happiness.

Change your Direction

Imagination is the key to unlocking life’s full potential. In your mind is the ability to create endless possibilities and to choose a pathway that may take you higher or lower. You can direct yourself into elevated happiness simply through choice. Each micro choice you make leads you closer to the divine power or leads you astray to confusion, anger, resentment, misery and loneliness. In taking control over every choice you take control of your own life. Change its course. Alter the direction. Inherit a strong desire to improve your life by doing what is good for you. The soul nourishing things that will make your heart sing in the long term. Activities and actions providing us with immediate short term pleasure are not in coordination with activities and actions that implement deep inner peace, gratitude and further blessings. It begins only with recognising distinctive thought patterns. Thoughts attempting to weaken your strength implying that the world around you is a terrible place, that you must follow the crowd, that you must analyse with your mind, that there are doubts and fears preventing imagination from pushing through into the sphere of positivity. Cast these ideas aside; they are false. Welcome your inner light to glow with confident modesty and let it build slowly over time eliminating shrouding darkness.

There’s more to life than being happy

I started another new job today. My week consisted of training to be a voluntary anger management coach producing a highly uplifted sense of positivity in being around other caring, sensitive, inspirational people working together to help other human beings. The new job was only at a coffee shop -relaxed with friendly employees but mid shift my mood rapidly declined as a result of negative conversation and my inability to control my sensitivity so I became withdrawn, unable to communicate, and frustrated leaving me emotionally drained.

Reading this article lifted my spirits again bringing to my attention that there is more to life than happiness, and finding meaning in life is far more rewarding even with all of the suffering and sadness.

‘In the meaningful life you use your highest strengths and talents to belong to and serve something you believe is larger than the self.’

‘While happiness is an emotion felt in the here and now, it ultimately fades away, just as all emotions do; positive affect and feelings of pleasure are fleeting. Meaning, on the other hand, is enduring. It connects the past to the present to the future.’


Attitude for Gratitude

A key component of inner happiness that we so desperately attempt to seek is the expression of gratitude. When we consciously recognise parts of our lives that allow us to do the things we love, to have time with our family and friends, to develop ourselves, to freely establish beliefs and to create and change the world around us we can grow to feel grateful for even the most simplest pleasures. In choosing to pursue the act of gratitude we abandon the negativity that comes hand in hand with the desire for more and the impression that nothing is good enough. Instead we may appreciate small acts of kindness, the sun shining through an early morning, a warm, comfortable bed to rest upon, and the ease and choice of going to a shop to buy food. The list of everyday occurrences that we can perceive as blessings are endless and it is only a matter of changing the way in which we perceive these events and routines to build happiness when we are doing them.