One of Those Places

I sat in meditation Pebbles nibbled my flesh Warm winds whipped around me At last the sun kissed bare skin, Two boys frolicked in the shallows Safe from shadows overcast by clouds So many years ago on this same beach My sister and I had rolled in mud, By the sea I remember Where I... Continue Reading →


Reading Old Diaries of a Different Self

As I pack my belongings for another time surrounded by cardboard boxes, stacks of books, clothes I discard to charity shops, and memories scribbled in diaries I read my past dreams and wonder how it was ever possible to of been all of those different people I once was. A dream that has remained constant... Continue Reading →

Believe in Yourself

What you must realise, is that the illness is not in control of you. These feelings that take over your mind are not permanent and constant, they are malleable and separate. Fears take control and govern our movements, thoughts, and words so that we are incapable of living our lives as the human being that... Continue Reading →

An Isolated Childhood

What I have slowly come to terms with are the regular, every day amenities of this modern society we live in. In my early childhood I was excited for learning, my only desire was for knowledge and my young mind was fresh and ready to absorb all that it was given. I noticed my experiences... Continue Reading →

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