Finding Love like Shells

There was a time when I washed my rusted copper red dress in the ocean
Using detergent made from aloe vera and lemon juice,
In the night time birds circled above crying mating calls
While I slept alone beneath fallen palm leaves.

No sound of rumbling traffic, thundering lorries, humming engines
Only waves, rolling waves as I listened to the stories the fire told me,
As I listened to the stories plucked guitar strings told me
As I listened to the stories that a hundred sparkling eyes told me.

Sounds caressed helix before meandering down delicate earlobes
Swimming like the spiralling fractal in a found seashell,
It was buried beneath hot, black, volcanic sand
Unearthed as I slowly skimmed toes into seabeds of rock-pools.

We hoped to discover love like we acquired shells
A rare chance meeting in awe of simple beauty,
Kept most precious forever from palm to palm
Reminding us of a still peace, a brightness, a truth.

Blinded by a gift of our sun’s perfect rays
Some danced together, sung together, prayed together,
Yes I was in love, with only the full moon
Who wrapped my spirit in a heavenly glow.