Getting Over Life’s Doubts

In the past week I had been experiencing intense doubts about myself, my life, my abilities, my purpose, my choices, my religion and my goals. A momentary combustion occurred and I had what I deem a quarter life crisis one week after I turned the ripe age of 25.

We all experience this at some time in our lives. We all wonder where our life is heading and if we are going in the right direction. We all consider if we had taken a different route how our lives would now be more fulfilling and more successful. We all question our skills and ask if we are good enough, if we are good enough to believe in ourselves and if we really do have something valuable to offer the world.

In these times, we can remember that there are people who need help, there are people all around us who need uplifting, supporting and comforting. Through our own doubts and fears, if we can gather the courage to focus not on our own conflict of the heart but on the needs of others then truly we will be lost in a good work. Maybe in reality this is only escape and distraction from our personal turmoil but when this emotional chaos hits what better way to expand our energies than by looking outside of ourselves?

Take a look around. Begin with simple gestures. Send kind messages. Offer honest compliments. Take part in community service. Buy a Big Issue. Share the skills that you have. Volunteer abroad. Strive to become more patient and loving. Talk to a stranger. Share inspiring media. Develop a new talent that will benefit others.

Each day as we wake and rise we have this gift of life, we have a new opportunity to create our life as we want it to be, to decide where we will put our energy.

Rob Bell Quote

  • Begin whatever you’re doing by remembering that you are here and you have been given a gift.’

Ask yourself these questions:

  • ‘How am I going to respond to this life I have been given?
  • ‘What am I going to do with it?’
  • “What am I going to make here?’
  • ‘What new and good thing is going to come out of this experience?’
  • ‘What kind of life am I creating?’

(Rob Bell. How to be Here, A Guide to a Life worth Living)

*If you’re feeling brave, feel free to comment your answers


Who are You?

We have to know what we are when we are nothing. When there are so many things we think we need, endless lists of feelings, objects, experiences, people, expecting we will be satisfied in our gains. Satisfaction does not come from these unattainable external influences that we can waste a life-time searching for, unconsciously attempting to fill an echoing void within our beings.

Who are you? Without everything that you associate yourself with? Who are you without the hobbies, the job, the friends, the family, the home? Are you willing to discover what is underneath the flesh and bones? Can you uncover layers influenced by a mis-directed society and dissect the parts that are untrue?

Discard everything, and start again. End this way of living that is filled with dead-ends or lost dreams and start again. We do not run out of chances to start over and the only way to start over is to really know who you are. When you are nothing. You are a unique special human being living on this earth for a purpose only you can fulfil.

And when you love, dream, hope, cry, loose, struggle, believe and keep on pushing forward knowing that there is more to come you make it out on the other side, knowing, this is who I am, without any solid definition because you are free.

Happiness is dependant only on state of mind, on peace of mind. If you’re at peace you withstand all of life’s hurricanes. Find that peace, use your time wisely to go in search of those things that make your soul feel wholesome and your spirit uplifted so when winds blow and darkness comes knocking you know how to re-gain your peace, you know who you are and you know where you’re going. Look for the answers and they will find you when the time is right. But never stop looking, never stop wanting to know more, and never assume you know everything. The answers are out there drifting upon the winds waiting you to reach out and catch them with open palms. Keep reaching, keep looking up at the stars wondering where you came from, keep walking down empty streets, keep listening to the silence of the trees and trickling rivers, keep speaking to full moons, and keep questioning why you are here. You are not alone, and you are here for a reason.

Sharing Happiness

Sometimes all we truly need is a friend. In moments of sadness and despair, in times of trials and afflictions, when we feel as though life is crashing down upon our weary shoulders sometimes the one thing we need is a person to lift us back up. In this world we can be lonely and that is the greatest pain we may face. To feel mis-understood, hushed, isolated, and stood on the earth alone separated from all of society. We are not here to be alone. We are not here to be divided or miserable. Our purpose is in joining together as humanity and becoming a race of kindness, peace, consolidation and service to others.

So if there is a person you see who appears to be struggling, who you feel is sad, who you know is experiencing a personal challenge, reach out to them and offer a gesture of compassion. A listening ear, an embrace, an outing, words. In all scenarios in any place notice the human beings we are inhabiting this planet with and apply simple reactions to sow the seeds of happiness.

Change your Direction

Imagination is the key to unlocking life’s full potential. In your mind is the ability to create endless possibilities and to choose a pathway that may take you higher or lower. You can direct yourself into elevated happiness simply through choice. Each micro choice you make leads you closer to the divine power or leads you astray to confusion, anger, resentment, misery and loneliness. In taking control over every choice you take control of your own life. Change its course. Alter the direction. Inherit a strong desire to improve your life by doing what is good for you. The soul nourishing things that will make your heart sing in the long term. Activities and actions providing us with immediate short term pleasure are not in coordination with activities and actions that implement deep inner peace, gratitude and further blessings. It begins only with recognising distinctive thought patterns. Thoughts attempting to weaken your strength implying that the world around you is a terrible place, that you must follow the crowd, that you must analyse with your mind, that there are doubts and fears preventing imagination from pushing through into the sphere of positivity. Cast these ideas aside; they are false. Welcome your inner light to glow with confident modesty and let it build slowly over time eliminating shrouding darkness.


Faith is going on a journey not knowing where you’re going but with firm knowledge that you are going somewhere. It is this faith that allows you to keep moving; faith that by pushing forward you will know more, you will do better, and there will be a positive outcome. Faith comes when you are ready, slowly building from the beginning like foundations of a grand castle. Starting in the cool dampness of the earth’s mud yet crumbling under harsh blowing winds. It starts again, it builds again. Again and again each time with determination yet uncertainty that perhaps it will collapse by influences of harsh conditions. But as it reaches higher and higher you see that completion is attainable, you see that security, stability, and dreams will be possible. Each time the bricks of the castle fall into ruin you gain more strength and more faith that burns in the core of your spirit. Until finally you reach completion, journeying from the ground to the turrets up winding staircases to stand with your head high in the clouds and the stars shining upon your face.

Fear in losing Security

When we find ourselves in particular situations that threaten our security and our safety, fear takes control. For example if we lose our job, if we are unhappy at home, acquiring debt, are sleeping on friend’s sofas, suffer addictions or do not know where our future is heading. In these circumstances we become afraid of failure, we may see no way out continuing to ignore or accept the direction our pathway has spiralled out of control.

All we can do is keep on, continue, push yourself again and again knowing that it will improve; that change is possible; that it won’t always be that way; that struggles will get easier. And it is all down to persevering with positive thoughts and patience because at every point in our life time we are nowhere. It is not important how much knowledge you have accumulated, how many material objects you are surrounded by, where you are, to remember experiences of your past or dreams for your future. We are only in the exact place we are in at that moment and nothing external of that present moment matters as long as you fill your mind with peace the clear pathway will unfold in your stillness.