God’s Spirit


At times it can be difficult to see all of the blessings in our lives. It can feel as though we are only facing challenge after challenge. Just remember, brighter days will find you.

Today is my one year baptism anniversary into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So here is a poem I wrote on the 16/04/16.  Click here to find out more.

A Spirit I am, a Spirit I was, a Spirit I’ll be
Wandering fruitfully across earthern plaines
In two legged bodies of speckled flesh
Journey through darkness, pushed on through sadness
Tumbled into tornadoes of utter despair
Growing and building, developing and learning
Making choices, breaking promises, falling from grace
Into abyss of nothingness before rising again
Bolder, brighter, bountifully exalted
Worthy of singing ‘come, follow me’
Chasing the light like trails of fireflies
Diving and leaping through lake, river and sea
Head first into peaceful purification
Where woes of mind’s past sink between crabs
I dissolve into weightlessness taking flight in the clouds
Past angels breathing stardust into my palms
All truth is revealed in God’s gracious smile
With soft words dancing upon cooing doves
A Spirit you are, a Spirit you were, a Spirit you’ll be

One of Those Places

I sat in meditation
Pebbles nibbled my flesh
Warm winds whipped around me
At last the sun kissed bare skin,

Two boys frolicked in the shallows
Safe from shadows overcast by clouds
So many years ago on this same beach
My sister and I had rolled in mud,

By the sea I remember
Where I came from
Long days laughing in water
Some kind of magic floating in the air,

One of those places again
Clouds stand still
Birds swoop and dive
Particles shimmer, time pauses
Here I can stay forever
Cocooned in paradise on earth.

Spaces for Thinking and Writing

We live together, we co-inhabit,
Yet we merely pass between corridors
An hour before
My feet walk upon carpets we share,
Rarely we share anything else,
Rarely we exchange thoughts
Or feelings or laughter,
In these seven months
In this terraced house
Stacked between rows and rows
Of closed doors and littered porches,
Except for number 25
Who posted a Christmas card
And made me smile.

Friends are not things I can manifest,
Fairies were friends, books were friends,
Paper, a pen were friends,
Instead of talking to people
I write words that make no sense
Because they don’t listen anyway,
There’s nothing to talk about,
How can I be a friend
If I have nothing to say?
I’ll speak with my heart, with my arms,
With my hands, with my eyes,
With my silence, with my soul,
And you can try to understand
The gentle whispers I leave
That become lost in a crowded room.

My life is connected by experiences,
Hazy and distant collaborated
Alongside blank spaces
In which time is only for one thing,
As people live, socialise, talk, gather,
It is only imminent
That I attempt to comprehend
This world we live in,
Through tears and joy,
Pains and fears,
Through everything in between
That hasn’t found its way into the dictionary,
More of my life is for pondering upon this life
Than living this life,
For thinking, observing, analysing
Human tendencies, actions, words,
Feelings below the surface
Requiring x-ray vision on the soul.

Some parts are more interesting than others,
Some people I dive into more than others,
I’m not afraid of that,
But there’s a lot of pain around here,
I need to jump back out,
Clean my spirit,
Maybe that’s what I’m afraid of,
That the purpose of it all,
Is only to write about it all.

Memories of Freedom

I remember in the summertime
Collecting fresh green herbs,
Morn ’till night shone the sun
Upon my eager eyes,
Feasting on, oh devouring,
Landscapes pleasing to my heart,
Bella Italia, Bella Italia,

Words were hushed,
My lips sealed tight,
I searched for love
Amongst stars of night,
Between vineyards twisting
Waiting for a hand to clasp,
A palm grown strong
With creases that changed,
A life-line inventing and re-inventing
Like mountains I climbed up,
To reach the peak
And never come back down,
Because the wind loved me,
The sun loved me,
The breathing ground loved me,

Flames mesmerized my thoughts,
Before laying on a bed of fern leaves
Only between my body and
Cold, hard concrete,
I shivered and turned
Wearing a one euro jumper,
Whispering “I love to be free.”

You’re Missing and I’m Missing

Warmth on entering a home, laughter, small hands,
Excitement of overcoming obstacles,
Talking about the beauty of the moon
Reflecting in your eyes
As my head falls gently upon your perfect shoulder.
You are missing for as long as God keeps us apart.
For as long as He wants us to fight alone,
To swim in stormy seas,
And swing through jungle trees
While cheetahs leap at our ankles,
We fly alone until He says “enough!”
When my greatness and your greatness
Are good enough to combine.
Weak things He makes strong
And I have to be strong to make you strong.
He speaks through my words that fall into your heart
And my blackened lungs must heal
To trust you enough to love me for eternity.
I always dreamed of eternity
As my soul longed to visit the other side of earth
Where rainbows shine in snowflakes
That fall encompassed in tears of joy.

My fibres reached for you,
My skin crept beyond my fingertips
Stretching into the space
That separated me from your ribs I birthed from;
I searched for the bird inside your chest
As I crept and listened and shouted and pleaded,
And fell to my knees
Asking the night sky to give you back to me.
We were together once,
When you and I chose one another,
We knew we’d be apart.

I have run from my fears without your hand to hold,
Afraid that my soul would be snatched again,
Apprehensive to allow people to see my face
Beneath a white veil disguising a smile
That would live for you and die for you.

Our romance materialises
not from gestures or pastel words,
Not in communication or boldness
But in the silence of our peace
As we remember we were created together.
I have missed you,
And the emptiness you left
Is begging the stars to fill it
With the light you gave me before we lived here.

Time has become more bearable,
Are you getting closer to nourishing my heart
With the rhythm of the pulsing universe?
Find me, quick!
We’ll travel between layers of worlds upon worlds
And shoot arrows of willow
At galaxies leading us to divine exaltation.

via Daily Prompt: Missing

Contrasting Children

The light of the world
Quietly nestles between creases in my palm,
A darkness gathers in the corners
While the sun hides behind hills that rise early,
Prayers drift into cold air asking for children to be loved,
Understanding that’s the way it is,
Yet questioning black nails, dirty clothes and hunger,
Questioning why you see it all so clear
But can do nothing, can say nothing
To make it all ok, to take away the pain
That is hunger for care,
Like a chimp prised from its mother
Before it’s grown enough to stand alone
It’s forced to stand alone and that hurts me
Because I don’t like to see people alone,
Carrying a burden that feels like a hundred,
I’d rather they carry baskets on their heads
Filled with fruit or linen, or fundamentals for survival
Balanced with joy in their footsteps
And songs in their hearts that whistle on dry air,
Fly into red skies, soften hardened heels
While pitter patter pitter patter
Of small soles laugh in wide alleyways
At a pink t-shirt saying ‘Barbie’ that a boy wears,
Donated in his life when he had not a cloth to wear
But still he laughs, still he lets the music rise
Between sand and barefoot, to hip bone, to rib cage,
This life won’t cage him behind bars of depression
Killing the children of the western world
Who don’t feel the beat of the earth
Underneath steel wings of the preying gargoyles
Snatching imagination, freedom, connection,
Gratitude, human relationships, and peace of mind,
He was born in the crest of the heat,
Lived with nine and loved with nine,
Whistling-a-whistling, skipping along
Reaching for clouds as he touched the dirt,
Collecting stones worth more than gold
Tossed into the oceans fold
Where waves roll and tremble
Sculpting the stones into a new beginning,
A new shape, a new possibility, a new destiny.

I Don’t Believe the Masters Degree

I beg for the fire in my soul
To come alive, come alive again,
The world is too cruel,
Too dark, too narcissistic,
Too money obsessed, too careless,
Too confused, too chaotic,
Its dull eyes reach
For my sparkling blue
Reflection of the sky
That I cling to
With dear might
With all of my might
Like the super moon
Holding onto gravity
So it doesn’t fall
Crashing into our oceans
And creating tsunamis,
Waves wiping out civilisations
Because they dismissed love,
Forgot to breathe with the earth
Forgot to cry for the trees
Forgot to dance with the sun
Setting and rising
Nourishing cornfields or apple trees
Hidden behind closed doors
Of a farmyard’s gates,
Silently growing, slowly changing
Sprouted from a first seedling
Amidst curling, swirling winds of fury,
Seas parted, tectonic plates arose
In scattered volcanoes
Whose lava smouldered
A history lost to the stars
A world unknown
A life not ours
A planet lived upon
In time and in tunnels of time
Travelling through time
But not yet from our time,
A God doesn’t live by time
He lives outside of laws
Manifested by human perceptions
Incapable of flying to space
Behind closed eyes
But they even try
To put God in a box
Only because
They don’t know Him enough
To know that He is free.