Improve Organ Function and Well-Being




Ancient literature going back 2,500 years depict images of exercises similar to Qigong postures but it’s also considered to be over 6,000 years old. It’s a strongly established method originating from China that uses a gentle combination of breathing, stretching and meditating for easing muscle tension, relieving stress, generating flexibility, cultivating energy, and increasing balance in specific organs relevant to each position.

From a literal standpoint, the word “Qi” is the Chinese word for “vital energy”. Qi is the animating force that moves through our body and soul and gives us not only life but consciousness. The concept of a living energy can be found in every culture and is known by names such as Prana (India), Ruach (Israel), Aenema (Ancient Greece), Holy Spirit (Christianity), and The Force (Star Wars).

“Gong” is the Chinese word for “work” or “skill”. So the word “Qigong” can be translated as “the skill of vital energy”.”

This is a short exercise of 20 minutes and even if done only once you will feel immediate benefits. It provides a great sense of inner peace, a clearing of the mind that alleviates mental strain and I recommend trying it out every morning, every other morning, one evening a week, or whenever it suits you.


An Empowering way to Respond to Hurtful People

This article helps to view a new perspective on situations when people are hurtful towards you or others. By no means does it excuse their behaviour, but it understands their behaviour and values every person as a teacher in the process of life to assist our growth. As Rachel Macy Stafford says, loving words and actions encourage us to fulfil our potential but hurtful words and actions can also motivate personal improvements when we learn from others what not to do in a non-judgemental way.

Get growing

Grow Wild campaigns to get people growing wild flowers enhancing insect habitats and achieving natural harmony within England’s green space. Since the 1930’s we have lost 97% of wild flower meadows and they need restoring for the earth’s benefit and for our pleasure. Connecting with nature is relaxing, revitalising and therapeutic if only for a short walk, a brief appreciation, or a breath of fresh unpolluted air.

Get some free wild flower seeds here:


There’s more to life than being happy

I started another new job today. My week consisted of training to be a voluntary anger management coach producing a highly uplifted sense of positivity in being around other caring, sensitive, inspirational people working together to help other human beings. The new job was only at a coffee shop -relaxed with friendly employees but mid shift my mood rapidly declined as a result of negative conversation and my inability to control my sensitivity so I became withdrawn, unable to communicate, and frustrated leaving me emotionally drained.

Reading this article lifted my spirits again bringing to my attention that there is more to life than happiness, and finding meaning in life is far more rewarding even with all of the suffering and sadness.

‘In the meaningful life you use your highest strengths and talents to belong to and serve something you believe is larger than the self.’

‘While happiness is an emotion felt in the here and now, it ultimately fades away, just as all emotions do; positive affect and feelings of pleasure are fleeting. Meaning, on the other hand, is enduring. It connects the past to the present to the future.’