I Don’t Believe the Masters Degree

I beg for the fire in my soul
To come alive, come alive again,
The world is too cruel,
Too dark, too narcissistic,
Too money obsessed, too careless,
Too confused, too chaotic,
Its dull eyes reach
For my sparkling blue
Reflection of the sky
That I cling to
With dear might
With all of my might
Like the super moon
Holding onto gravity
So it doesn’t fall
Crashing into our oceans
And creating tsunamis,
Waves wiping out civilisations
Because they dismissed love,
Forgot to breathe with the earth
Forgot to cry for the trees
Forgot to dance with the sun
Setting and rising
Nourishing cornfields or apple trees
Hidden behind closed doors
Of a farmyard’s gates,
Silently growing, slowly changing
Sprouted from a first seedling
Amidst curling, swirling winds of fury,
Seas parted, tectonic plates arose
In scattered volcanoes
Whose lava smouldered
A history lost to the stars
A world unknown
A life not ours
A planet lived upon
In time and in tunnels of time
Travelling through time
But not yet from our time,
A God doesn’t live by time
He lives outside of laws
Manifested by human perceptions
Incapable of flying to space
Behind closed eyes
But they even try
To put God in a box
Only because
They don’t know Him enough
To know that He is free.


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