Dreaming different Dimensions

All things have deeper meaning. Nothing is simply as it is before our eyes. It is all significant, and relevant with its’ individual story of creation. It all has purpose since the beginning of time, even before time was. It was all mapped out to conjoin in unity, each minuscule particle and beyond microscopic atom that orbits and vibrates and lives one beside the other in harmony or chaos manifesting all of the world around us.

How the clouds are in the sky and our feet upon the ground. Directed by stars, controlled by the sun, comforted by the moon. Each part of a solar system entwined in a history eternal collapsing and birthing, imploding and exploding connected to worlds upon worlds inhabited by magic and by creatures of fairytales. Right beside us in our dimension somehow are doorways into other dimensions that we create with our own imagination.

So if you dream your dreams they will surely come true, in this life, or the next, or the next.


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