Sharing Happiness

Sometimes all we truly need is a friend. In moments of sadness and despair, in times of trials and afflictions, when we feel as though life is crashing down upon our weary shoulders sometimes the one thing we need is a person to lift us back up. In this world we can be lonely and that is the greatest pain we may face. To feel mis-understood, hushed, isolated, and stood on the earth alone separated from all of society. We are not here to be alone. We are not here to be divided or miserable. Our purpose is in joining together as humanity and becoming a race of kindness, peace, consolidation and service to others.

So if there is a person you see who appears to be struggling, who you feel is sad, who you know is experiencing a personal challenge, reach out to them and offer a gesture of compassion. A listening ear, an embrace, an outing, words. In all scenarios in any place notice the human beings we are inhabiting this planet with and apply simple reactions to sow the seeds of happiness.


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