Faith is going on a journey not knowing where you’re going but with firm knowledge that you are going somewhere. It is this faith that allows you to keep moving; faith that by pushing forward you will know more, you will do better, and there will be a positive outcome. Faith comes when you are ready, slowly building from the beginning like foundations of a grand castle. Starting in the cool dampness of the earth’s mud yet crumbling under harsh blowing winds. It starts again, it builds again. Again and again each time with determination yet uncertainty that perhaps it will collapse by influences of harsh conditions. But as it reaches higher and higher you see that completion is attainable, you see that security, stability, and dreams will be possible. Each time the bricks of the castle fall into ruin you gain more strength and more faith that burns in the core of your spirit. Until finally you reach completion, journeying from the ground to the turrets up winding staircases to stand with your head high in the clouds and the stars shining upon your face.


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