What to do about bullies?


In life people will manipulate you, mortify you, patronise you, disrespect you, and lie to you. What can we do? How are we to overcome the feelings that are initiated by these somewhat despicable human beings? In most cases I can sustain my inner peace. I am able to accept that nobody is perfect and people act in these ways for reasons that are out of their control. But why should I immediately forgive someone and keep quiet about persistent behaviour that is purposefully used in attempts to degrade my self-esteem, isolate me, and crush my spirits? This is what angers me most, and in these rare moments I feel the anger build up inside me to reach a point where my natural reaction is a desire to inflict pain using violence. I know this is not beneficial to me and it does not ensure that the person causing this pain feels remorseful or compassionate but I want them to know what I feel; I want them to understand the unwelcome feelings they create within my body; I want them to see how it’s not right, it’s not humane and it’s not the way they should treat fellow people. Yet they continue as if all is well with not a care in the world and treating other people in the same way. How do we put an end to this brutality that divides humanity? How do we teach these bullies a lesson so they will cease to be repeat offenders of emotional abuse?



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