Fear in losing Security

When we find ourselves in particular situations that threaten our security and our safety, fear takes control. For example if we lose our job, if we are unhappy at home, acquiring debt, are sleeping on friend’s sofas, suffer addictions or do not know where our future is heading. In these circumstances we become afraid of failure, we may see no way out continuing to ignore or accept the direction our pathway has spiralled out of control.

All we can do is keep on, continue, push yourself again and again knowing that it will improve; that change is possible; that it won’t always be that way; that struggles will get easier. And it is all down to persevering with positive thoughts and patience because at every point in our life time we are nowhere. It is not important how much knowledge you have accumulated, how many material objects you are surrounded by, where you are, to remember experiences of your past or dreams for your future. We are only in the exact place we are in at that moment and nothing external of that present moment matters as long as you fill your mind with peace the clear pathway will unfold in your stillness.


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