Attitude for Gratitude

A key component of inner happiness that we so desperately attempt to seek is the expression of gratitude. When we consciously recognise parts of our lives that allow us to do the things we love, to have time with our family and friends, to develop ourselves, to freely establish beliefs and to create and change the world around us we can grow to feel grateful for even the most simplest pleasures. In choosing to pursue the act of gratitude we abandon the negativity that comes hand in hand with the desire for more and the impression that nothing is good enough. Instead we may appreciate small acts of kindness, the sun shining through an early morning, a warm, comfortable bed to rest upon, and the ease and choice of going to a shop to buy food. The list of everyday occurrences that we can perceive as blessings are endless and it is only a matter of changing the way in which we perceive these events and routines to build happiness when we are doing them.


One thought on “Attitude for Gratitude

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