Believe in Yourself

What you must realise, is that the illness is not in control of you. These feelings that take over your mind are not permanent and constant, they are malleable and separate. Fears take control and govern our movements, thoughts, and words so that we are incapable of living our lives as the human being that we are. We forget who we are, that we ever were a person, with dreams, passions, joys, loves, dis-likes and emotions, because all things are directed by a deep incomprehensible misery that seems to have no way out.

We dwell on our past, endure flash-backs to moments that caused us pain and re-live prominent experiences of our childhoods over and over again. Dissecting each detail, questioning reactions and quizzing reason for why it was the way it was, but there is no answer and at the same time there are endless answers that travel back to the beginning of humanity, to our DNA and glitches in the human race. All that we do is learned from an external source from a mother, a father, a teacher, a man in the street, a book or a television show that will influence our decisions and our ideas and the way we think of ourselves.

We lose belief in ourselves because we are surrounded by non-believers, emotional abusers and people who are unwilling to change. Be open to change, welcome change, and believe in change. Believe that you can change and you will change. Your brain is an organ, it needs to be exercised and trained with positivity, gratefulness for simplicity, patience, well-being, creativity and self-belief. Be proud of who you are, respect yourself and don’t be afraid to speak your thoughts and talk about how you feel.


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