An Isolated Childhood

What I have slowly come to terms with are the regular, every day amenities of this modern society we live in. In my early childhood I was excited for learning, my only desire was for knowledge and my young mind was fresh and ready to absorb all that it was given. I noticed my experiences were not similar to those of other children at school, from not having a television to not having a father and though it was of no fault to anyone this singled me out yet put me in a box. I did things that were unusual, while the other children spoke of the latest television show I sat in silence unable to participate because instead I had spent the evening listening to my mother’s drunken woes. It was many years I endured feeling isolated, smothered by extroverts, and to some extent, intentionally encouraged to feel abnormal by my peers, teachers and family. It is apparent I am an extremely sensitive soul, the world was un-kind to me and I was un-kind to myself on a pathway that spiralled down and down, but I always knew there was a way out of the prison that enclosed my being. People say there is help, I only saw enemies when I was ridiculed for my anger and my tears because really all I wanted was to be understood and for someone to notice the pain I was suffering through. I wish that people are not afraid to reach out, to be honest, to speak of their feelings without worry of hurting another person or making a fool of themselves and for people to attempt to understand what they do not know rather than abandon it or aggravate it. Every human being is different and the only thing we can do is try to understand each other, comprehend our uniqueness, believe in our capabilities and admire our evolution.


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