Why Meditation? The purpose of meditation is to create an inward environment of contemplation, awareness and focus, in order to ascend negative emotions, thought-patterns, and behaviours for unified happiness. The majority have the common goal for happiness. Most of our actions are pre-determined and sub-consciously directed by an inner desire to satisfy our own needs.... Continue Reading →


There are times when we forget our way. When we become so absorbed in our daily living that we loose track of who we are. It's easy to become bogged down with to-do lists, chores, thinking about others, and tiredness of repetition. Take a quiet moment to remember what brings you happiness above everything else.... Continue Reading →

Social Media Fast

Increased screen time is drastically effecting the population including children, adolescents and also adults. Children are being raised in a society in which it's acceptable to be transfixed on a mobile device that absorbs their attention and diminishes their inward senses and perception of reality. Rather than communicating with one another authentically we have become... Continue Reading →

Calm after Chaos

Well, a lot has happened. This year I moved to the West Midlands, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, started working again, got married, moved into an apartment with my hubby, changed work location then changed back, and applied to study again. The stress at times has been overwhelming. As I reflect now, quietly and comfortably from... Continue Reading →

Real beauty Is a love that shines Through eyes, through smiles Through countenance Welcoming in the world, Real beauty Is a love that has overcome Pain, destruction, turmoil Yet thrives to be radiant Amidst shadows of darkness, Real beauty Is found between pages of my life When there's nothing Else to give And nothing else... Continue Reading →

There was a time when I washed my rusted copper red dress in the ocean Using detergent made from aloe vera and lemon juice, In the night time birds circled above crying mating calls While I slept alone beneath fallen palm leaves. No sound of rumbling traffic, thundering lorries, humming engines Only waves, rolling waves... Continue Reading →

I am beautiful I am nothing, I am a daughter of God I am a human being, I am a miracle I am a mortal, I am the clouds that stand still I am the roaring waves, I am the perfect pink pearl I am the dark misty charcoal, I am silence I am expression,... Continue Reading →

Strength in Weakness

"The meaning of awe is to realize that life takes place under wide horizons, horizons that range beyond the span of an individual life or even the life of a nation, a generation, or an era. Awe enables usto perceive in the world intimations of the divine, to sense in small things the beginning of... Continue Reading →

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